Beleafer Frequently Asked Questions

Within this page we cover many of our policies and processes regarding sending payment, order processing time, the way packages are packed, international orders, and more. By ordering from Beleafer, you are agreeing to our policies.

Payment Method  |  Payment Method Information

Please keep in mind, if you choose VenmoCash AppZelle, or Google Pay, and provide your phone or email, and don’t already have an account, you should receive a message through that service to sign-up for an account so that you can complete the payment request for your order.

  • Venmo | username (@YourUsername), phone, or email
  • Cash App | username ($YourUsername), phone, or email
  • Zelle | email or phone on account
  • Google Pay | email on account
  • Bitcoin | your Bitcoin wallet ID – we will contact you with ours
  • Credit/Debit Card (3% fee) | your email
  • Money Order | name on mailed money order – we will contact you with where to mail it

Your order, processed (we ship worldwide!)


Order placed

We receive and review your order. We usually see this within 0-12 hours, depending on if your order is placed within business hours or not (8-5 pm EST)

Payment request sent

We send a payment request to the username you have provided of the payment method chosen. Occasionally the cost of shipping will be updated before invoices are sent, as with internationally especially, international shipping may not be accurate based on the estimate at times. Please be ready to remit payment by the time you order. We will send you a manual payment request as soon as we can. If we do not receive communication within 48 hours, we may cancel the order. We reserve the right to prevent future service to customers who 'ghost' orders. We don't want to go there, we seek mutual respect.

Customer pays received request

If your order is paid for by 5 pm EST on a business day (M-F), your order will typically be shipped in 1-2 business days, depending on current volume (upwards of 3-4 business days during sales). We do not guarantee a specific processing time, the timeline we provide you is strictly a guideline for how we nearly always operate. Orders paid outside of a business day are considered to be paid in the next business day. If there comes a time where are experiencing a delay or event that prevents us from shipping, those who may be affected will be notified by email.

Order is packed

All orders containing hemp will be sent with a letter to law enforcement. The declares that inside this package is industrial hemp, and it references the laws that protect hemp in the US. The CoA for each strain you received can be found on our site as an attachment to the product page. If you cannot find the CoA you are looking for, please reach out to us and we will provide it.

Order is shipped

Your tracking number will be emailed to you when your order is packed. Occasionally this email will filter this to spam mail. Please check your spam mail folder before contacting us about your tracking. We especially appreciate your understanding on this one! Please note, hemp orders will be sent with a letter to law enforcement, the CoA will be available on the website per usual. The sender will appear as Beleafer LLC on the shipping label. Note: we do ship internationally - however, we cannot be held responsible for foreign customs seizing your imported order, or if your mail is lost in transit. Your international order is at your own risk. However, we are discrete and have a very strong track record of successfully delivered international mail.


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