Bubba’s Truck Stop CBD (Outdoor)


Bubba’s Truck Stop (Bubba Kush Hemp E1 x Ringo’s Gift) was bred for very low THC at full maturity. The net effect of this cultivar is a unique and uncommon mix – heavy body relaxation (likely from the Bubba), and a cerebral head-in-the-clouds type feel (likely from the Ringo’s Gift), making this a great choice for daytime use with both anxiety relief and mental stimulation. This strain is every bit as therapeutic as a given strain with double the cannabinoid content. The aroma of sweet kush arises from a bud squish. The taste on the exhale is where this cultivar shines with reminiscense of sweet wood. Ringo’s Gift and Bubba Kush Hemp E1 are both known to be remarkably therapeutic, don’t be fooled into thinking their proginy would be anything less! This flower is seedless.


Dominance: hybrid
Nose: kush, sweet berry, wood
Total cannabinoids: 9.88%
CBD: 9.52%
d9-THC: 0.15%

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