Le Femme Vurt Kush CBD (Outdoor)


Le Femme Vurt Kush is the queen of kush genetics in hemp. Packing a powerful punch cannabinoid-wise, this strain also brings it with taste and smell, reeking off musky pine and clover with hints of lemon and diesel fuel. This strain sets the bar for what indica hemp needs to strive to be – potent, stinky, and soothing. Le Femme Vurt Kush delivers very large, dense buds.  We are proud and excited to bring this to you all. This batch underwent an 8-week slow cure post-harvest. Please note the updated CoA versus the original listing, the new sample was analyzed 4 months post-harvest. This flower contains a few seeds here and there; however as this is a natural product, seeds are not homogenously distributed and actual seed count will vary.

Dominance: indica
Nose: musk, pine, diesel, lemon & clover
Total cannabinoids: 16.40%
CBD: 15.82%
d9-THC: <LOQ

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