Limeade CBD (Outdoor)


Limeade’s net effect is that of calmness and relaxation. It certainly won’t get you charged up, but it’s also not going to put you right to sleep. The nose on this one is quite uniquely reminiscent of citrusy and gassy cherry. The terpene profile seems to serve justice to a restless mind. At a whopping, 2.27% CBC, Limeade is one of a kind. You can count on the cannabichromene to supplementally amplify the high cannabinoid content of this flower. Please note, this strain contains some seeds and is thus priced accordingly.

Dominance: indica-dominant hybrid
Nose: cherry, gas & citrus
Total cannabinoids: 23.19%
CBD: 19.02%
CBG: 0.80%
CBC: 2.27%
d9-THC: 0.04%

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