Sour G CBG (Light Dep)


Sour G CBG is an entirely new line of CBG flower – it is unrelated to White CBG – and is bred with the legendary cultivar Sour Diesel. Staying true to it’s lineage, Sour G CBG is an invigorating sativa leaning variety with magnificient effects. At times euphoric, Sour G is a crucially uplifting. It is quite aromatic and tasteful. To put it simply, the flowers of this cultivar  offer a classical kushy funk + refreshing notes of diesel fuel. This flower was grown in a light deprivation greenhouse environment and is truly something special. We hope Sour G CBG gives you the boost to power through the physical and mental fatigue of your day! This flower contains a few seeds here and there; however as this is a natural product, seeds are not homogenously distributed and actual seed count will vary.

Dominance: sativa-dominant hybrid
Nose: diesel, sour, funk
Total cannabinoids: 15.2%
CBG: 14.6%
CBC: 0.4%
d9-THC: <LOQ

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