White CBG (Outdoor)


This is our favorite batch of White CBG yet. The flowers are quite frosty, as if they were dusted with snow. This is surely our most pungent offering of this extraordinary cultivar thus far, with the taste to match. A strong aroma of funky, piney, lemon emerges upon opening the bag, with a hint of grapefruit on the exhale of smoke or vapor. The effects are quite anxiolytic, as high doses of cannabigerol (CBG) can be particurly euphoria inducing, manifesting presumably due to the rush of sheer relief of unloading the day’s stressors, like taking your shoes off after a long day. CBG is understood via peer-reviewed research to be quite therapeutic for an abudance of ailments including but not limited to IBD, Chrohn’s Disease, and as being both anti-inflammatory and as an anti-proliferative of cancer cells. Some mechanisms are begining to be understood, while there is still much more research to do! This is a promising compound and this flower is the most gourmet deliverance of CBG that we know of!

Dominance: indica-dominant hybrid
Nose: pine, lemon, grapefruit, funk
Total cannabinoids: 15.95%
CBG: 15.28%
CBC: 0.45%
d9-THC: 0.03

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